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Features of an Online Examination System That Are Beneficial

With the advancement of technology in the education sector and the shift to modern learning methods via online classes, schools and colleges can now look forward to online examination software. Compared to other ERP software tools in the e-learning industry, the online examination system necessitates a distinct set of features and functionalities.

Educational institutions frequently face difficulties in conducting fair and transparent online exams. As a result, an online exam management system is required for smooth exam administration. The online exam software should be a low-cost, easily accessible, and simple-to-use tool that assists educational institutes, coaching centres, and various entrance exams in conducting fair and transparent exams.

The primary goal of the examination management system should be to assist in establishing basic exam guidelines, set up and manage the exam time duration, automatically evaluate results, and allow administrators to monitor the examination process online. As a result, with this blog, we will assist you in determining which features are essential in exam management software.

Top characteristics of examination management software :
  • Online tests:
  • This is the most important feature of online examination software. The tool should, first and foremost, be capable of scheduling and planning exams and generating exam timetables. The tool should also be able to configure tests for particular dates for specific students only. Besides this, it should be capable of configuring different question papers (subjective, objective, multiple-choice questions, etc.). The tool must also offer custom test-taking options for individual learners.

  • Report Automation:
  • Card, An automated report card generation facility should be included in the online report card system. It should also have multiple security levels, click-by-click audit mechanisms, and evaluator handling processes.

  • Statistical Reports and Illustrations:
  • The exam management software should include analytic dashboards and custom reports for teachers, students, administrators, and parents. Reports that include a graphical representation of student performance data can provide useful insights, allowing everyone to strive for their best performance.